Glenfield Waste Services

Proposed Materials Recycling Facility

Glenfield Waste Services is proposing to develop a Materials Recycling Facility within the boundary of their existing landfill facility along Cambridge Avenue, Glenfield NSW. Recycling presents a more environmentally sustainable option compared to land filling, and GWS hopes to further reduce waste sent to landfill by increasing the proportion of recycling undertaken  on site. As such, GWS is uniquely positioned to provide a logical solution to waste management and landfill supply constraints in the wider Sydney Metropolitan region.

This website has been created to inform and provide an opportunity for neighbouring landholders, community members, Government Agencies, local councils and key stakeholders to have genuine input into the proposed recycling facility, as well as provide an up to date information resource throughout the progression of the development. 

The existing Glenfield Waste Site

The proposed Materials Recycling Facility


Find out more about the proposed materials recycling facility to be developed within the existing Glenfield Waste site.

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Keep track of the proposed development as it progresses through the application process by following the up to date timeline of events.

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